We understand the shifting trends of the media and entertainment business landscape. And as a reputable media and entertainment web development company, we help businesses with robust digital strategies. Our solutions range from OTT solutions, digital asset management, and smart app solutions, for distributors and firms.

Our media and entertainment industry development services build robust and comprehensive solutions to manage large volumes of data. And that too across the platforms. We assist with modernized IT services to create manage and optimize data growth. 

Our entertainment web developers help you to integrate modern technologies into your platforms. And implements customized solutions to streamline the user experience and high ROI. phpexpertsIndia caters to every unique business need with utmost importance and expertise.

Our Media & Entertainment Web Development Services

On-demand platform development services

Our media and entertainment web development company understands your dynamic needs. And our experts assist you with the latest frameworks and technologies to deliver high-quality content. Our services offer streamlined viewing experience across platforms.

On-demand platform development services
Digital campaign management services

Digital campaign management services

Our entertainment web design company helps to expand your digital reach via digital campaigns. Our experts manage your campaign within time and budget. And involves you in every segment, creatives, ads, and production journey.

Ad inventory management services

Our media and entertainment industry development services help to manage your inventories to meet your business stock optimization. Because we leverage BI for bookings, time-slot, and ticket management. Our solutions help you to boost productivity and increase user retention.

Ad inventory management services
Data intelligent reporting services

Data intelligent reporting services

Our entertainment website development company ensures decision-making through a data-driven approach. Our experts help you with data reporting from different data sources. And we offer comprehensive and robust data lake software to improve customer engagement.

Video app development services

Our media and entertainment web design company implements video format ads and content for user engagement. Our professionals allow personification and addition to your solution. And our services offer user-centric streaming for an immersive UI experience.    

Video app development services
OTT Software Development

OTT Software Development

Our media and entertainment web design solutions deliver live-streaming content for smart user engagement. We leverage technologies to build an interactive OTT app for your users. Our services offer hassle-many streaming resources.

Our benefits

Why choose us

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    Technology stack

    We utilize an advanced tech stack to improve entertainment web design solutions. Along with some integration, it can help improve your website performance. So, it streamlines your business needs. 

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    We are constantly innovating practices and delivering high-tech solutions to assist businesses in meeting changing customer consumption needs. You will get a media and entertainment website development company with user-friendly services.  

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    Agile approach

    Our entertainment web design company follows an agile approach to carry out your approach. Our experts implement an excellent and successful strategy to align with your business's success.  

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    Hands-on experience

    You have media and entertainment website development with hands-on experience with our leading reputable leaders. So, they will apply all their knowledge to offer you their best PHP knowledge. Even for your complex and scalable projects.  

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    Results-oriented techniques

    Our entertainment web design solutions in India follow different approaches to solve your project queries. We ensure excellence and success in every project we deliver to the clients. 

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Hire a PHP developer

Flawless coding

You will get bug-free and high-quality for your healthcare web development projects. Because our PHP professionals ensure seamless coding at every stage. 

Extensive services

You get entertainment industry development services to offer you end-to-end support. And saves from any last-minute hassles in the development process. 

Flexible development

Our PHP website development company in India offers the flexibility of time and resources for your crucial projects. And it offers agility at different levels. 

Seamless communication

You will get a streamlined and transparent communication channel throughout the development journey. So, to eliminate any miscommunication between you and our team. 

Transparent process

You can hire a PHP programmer team and you will understand dynamics and strategies in every possible way. It ensures credibility at the organizational level. 

Value-added solutions

Our PHP experts help to add value by offering high-quality solutions according to your unique needs. It exemplifies understanding between collaborations. 

Our Portfolio

Our Portfolio

Our dedicated PHP developers offered the best to our reputed clients across the verticals from startups to leading businesses. 

  • PHP App Solution for a Leading Automotive Manufacturer features

    One of the renowned internationally acclaimed automotive manufacturers had a wonderful experience with our experts. They already have a tech-driven vehicle component but are looking for a sustainable PHP application. We delivered a tech-driven solution to offer a competitive edge to connected vehicles. It will deal with efficiently, improve vehicle safety, and remotely repair issues.

  • PHP-Based OTT App for a Video Streaming Service Provider  

    Media and entertainment are expanding in response to rising demand. OTT app is one such requirement for our reputable client. Our PHP developers comprehended the requirements and provided an exceptional solution. The app will benefit content creators, distributors, and marketers It will also support hybrid video streaming platforms in an innovative, creative, and viewer-specific manner.

  • Development of Software for Fitness and Lifestyle Brand

    One of the healthcare and fitness leading partners wanted a feature-rich web application app. Our professionals understood the requirements to offer a user-friendly experience. So, we developed an excellent PHP application to offer wellness programs, dance fitness, yoga sessions, mental wellness, etc. Users and employees can interact for insurance and health programs.

  • Banking Pioneer Undergoes Digital Transformation

    Banking management seeks security from banks and users. So, our client asked for a PHP-based solution to track leads from various channels. And our professionals did their best to identify sales leads. So, it will focus on ensuring the time and effort invested to yield the best results. 


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What role does technology play in entertainment?

People can use entertainment technology to unwind and enjoy their free time.

What impact does technology have on the entertainment industry?

Graphics and visuals play a significant role in the entertainment industry, and technological advancements have had a noticeable impact on their quality.

How will future technology benefit the entertainment industry?

Artificial intelligence and virtual reality, for e.g, enable media and entertainment companies to create online content that appeals to a specific audience.


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