Let’s be honest; almost no one is 100% satisfied with their business website. However, if your PHP-based website is massively underperforming, it might be worthwhile engaging a proficient PHP development agency.

“But why”, you may ask. 

How about the fact that according to recent studies, 75% of clients believe a well-maintained website influences their decision-making when looking to hire PHP experts? 

Whether you’re new to the digital realm or have an established online presence, regular maintenance is critical to keep your business running at full throttle. 

With this short guide, we hope to familiarize readers with the basic concept of website maintenance, why is it necessary, and what cutting-edge practices will a reputable PHP development agency deploy to ensure your website’s longevity and profit-making ability. 

Let the learning begin. 

Maintaining Your PHP Website: Is It Necessary? 

Short answer – YES! As a seasoned PHP development agency, we routinely see clients suffering from stunted web traffic, conversions, and sales simply because their website isn’t up to scruff. Ensuring a flawless, secure, up-to-date website is the holy-grail when it comes to attracting visitors and retaining them. 

Still not convinced? Here are just a few instant changes that your site undergoes as soon as you hire PHP experts for web maintenance:

Faster loading speeds:

If a website takes forever to load, it’s likely to suffer from excessive bounce rates, therefore impacting its search engine ranking. Businesses that hire PHP experts can expect a rejuvenated website with faster loading speeds, achieving desired responsiveness and performance. 

Say goodbye to pesky bugs:

Nobody likes a buggy website, especially your customers who will instantly click away as soon as they are met with glitches. With proper maintenance, you can identify and remove bugs and glitches, resulting in an immersive user experience. 

Instant SEO boost: 

Search engines prioritize well maintained, optimized websites. Therefore, by acquiring maintenance services of a trustworthy PHP development agency, you can ensure a consistent user experience, resulting in improved traffic and conversions. 

 Woo your audience:

By addressing issues like bugs, glitches, broken links, outdated versions, etc., businesses can ensure their users can seamlessly navigate their sites without any trouble. A seamless experience fosters customer trust and retention. 

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 Prevent potential cyber-attacks:

In 2023, ransomware attacks increased by 93% year-on-year (source: Varonis). A website with security vulnerabilities can cause irreversible damage to a brand’s credibility. Expert website maintenance serves as a safety net, ensuring business continuity and profits. 

All in all, partnering with a PHP development agency might be worth considering if you have lately experienced dwindling traffic or poor conversion rates. 

 Why Partnering with a Top PHP Development Agency is Essential? 

Now, businesses might see the need to maintain their website and decide to take a DIY approach. While that may work for a while, full-scale maintenance can be both challenging and time-consuming. Your resources could be better spent on core responsibilities instead. 

It’s recommended to find a competent PHP development agency that’s familiar with all the technical aspects of website development and optimization, allowing you to focus on other tasks. 

PHP Experts India, for instance, empowers clients to hire PHP experts for end-to-end maintenance and support solutions. Here’s the various web maintenance practices we follow to ensure a stable and user-friendly solution: –

Code Review/Optimization: 

A messy code can lead to long periods of refactoring, requiring complete rewrite. We identify and clean poor code, while optimizing database interactions for a seamless user experience.

Version Updates:

Is your site still running on an older PHP version? If so, it’s no surprise you’re experiencing slow speed and higher bounce rates. By upgrading to the latest PHP version, we help future-proof your site from performance and security woes. 

 Conducting Security Audits:

Being a reliable PHP development agency, we perform site auditing to evaluate your security postures (via performance testing, integration, testing, vulnerability testing, etc.). Then, we implement necessary security patches and feature enhancements to protect your digital assets from potential cyber threats. 

 Data Backup and Recovery:

We maintain a site backup in case of any mishaps (like outages or dependencies). That way, even in the event of a crash, you don’t have to worry about data loss or corruption. Moreover, you must hire PHP experts to thoroughly test your data recovery plan, ensuring its reliability. 

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 Performance Tracking:

We engage cutting-edge tools (Google Search Console, SEMrush, etc.) to monitor KPIs like loading speed, organic traffic, etc., helping us determine site performance. Then, we employ “PHP Performance Tuning” practices to ensure your website runs smoothly. 

 UX Enhancements:

Our PHP specialists will focus on user feedback and behavior to identify areas of improvement. As an innovation-obsessed PHP development agency, we strive to deliver a consistent and immersive user experience across all devices and screen sizes. 

 Final Thoughts: 

Hopefully, with this quick guide, we’ve understood the significance of having a well-maintained website. However, getting started with a competent PHP development agency that understands your pain points and presents cost-effective solutions to the same is a different challenge altogether. 

And that’s where we can help! Hire PHP experts from us to kickstart the process of improving your website’s performance, security, and overall user experience. 

Embark on this rewarding journey with us and seek your website’s performance skyrocket with exceptional PHP maintenance solutions. 

Our experts at PHP Experts India strive to offer top-notch PHP Web Maintenance services that are as reliable as they are affordable.  Contact us and schedule a free consultation today! 

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